4 Breeds Of Chickens For Small Yards

Chickens are one farm animal that you can easily raise on a smaller homestead. Even if your backyard is barely the size of a postage stamp, you can keep a chicken or two for eggs. However, there are some chicken breeds that are better suited to small yards than others. Here are four such chicken breeds to consider.

Silkie Bantams

If you are looking for a truly beautiful chicken, the silkie bantam is a good breed to consider. These chicken have lush, white feathers that extend all of the way down their legs. They're medium in size, and they're not overly active, so you can usually keep them in a small yard. Silkies do squawk sometimes, like most chickens, but they are not overly loud, so they should be okay in a neighborhood as long as the neighbors closest to you don't mind their presence. Their eggs are light brown and small but with large yolks for their size.


Australorps are black chickens with a bluish tint to their feathers. They lay a bountiful number of eggs, even when the weather is cold and other breeds have stopped laying. Australorps are noisy, but they are very friendly. They live best in small groups of only two or three, which makes them a good choice for small yards. Since Australorps are so friendly, your kids can easily help take care of them.

Plymouth Rock

A really hardy chicken breed, the Plymouth Rock chicken can be a good choice if you only have a small coop run and no room for a larger chicken house. Their eggs are really large, which makes up for the fact that they are not the most prolific layers. These chickens look very unique. Their feathers are often a spotted mix of white and dark brown, and their combs are really small.

Rhode Island Red

These popular, reddish chickens are a smart choice for small spaces because of their even-keel temperament and prolific laying capabilities. They live really well in groups of two or three; they can get a bit aggressive towards each other in larger groups. Rhode Island Red chickens do need plenty of fresh air, so make sure their coop has a run. Their eggs are light to medium brown and medium in size.

Any of the breeds above should work well in a small yard, so keep these recommendations in mind as you shop for hens! Reach out to a supplier offering live hens for sale to learn more.