Weekend manuvores with a zero turn mower.

Landscapers, greenkeepers and gardeners alike all enjoy the many benefits of a zero turn lawn mower.  It makes mowing faster, neater and more efficient.  The brilliant manoeuvrability of these mowers means the tightest of spaces and sharpest of turns can be easily mown.  It was designed to be able to closely zip around garden beds, trees and other obstacles, making the chore of lawn mowing faster and easier.


These mowers can pivot through 180 degrees without leaving any uncut grass.  Less repeated sweeps of the lawn mean less time spent mowing on the weekend and more time to relax and unwind.  This is achieved by using hydraulics.  Instead of a conventional steering wheel and accelerator there are levers that act as throttles for the speed of the rear wheels individually.  When you move the levers forward at the same time the rear wheels turn at the same speed, propelling you forward.  Pulling both levers back and you will have reverse.  By pulling back a little on one or pushing the other forward more, you change the speed of the rear wheels causing the mower to turn.  If one wheel stops and the other turns, or if the wheels turn in opposite directions, the mower pivots.

Added bonuses.

There are a number of different options that add to the versatility of zero turn mowers.  One popular option is a bagging system that allows you to collect all the grass clippings, meaning no more raking.  You can also add a mulching kit to mulch the clippings back into the lawn instead of having the grass discharge from the side.  This will add greatly to the overall health of your lawn and better yet, it means less work.

But wait, there's more.

Adding a towing hitch to the back of your mower will allow you to use a variety of different attachments.

  • Trailers
  • Lawn vacuums
  • Sweepers
  • Aerators
  • Rollers
  • Sprayers
  • Spreaders

Some zero turn mowers can also have front-mounted attachments, such as a front scoop or dozer blade.

The up side.

There is more time to pursue hobbies and activities, family and friends.

The down side.

If you could call it that, the down side is a little less exercise and not having to huff and puff behind a push mower.

Achieving great results in the garden is not just a chore that needs to be done.  With a zero turn mower and all of its optional extras, you can achieve better results and have fun at the same time. To by a zero turn mower, contact a company like North Pine Motors.